How To Protect Your Electrical Equipment From Lightning Strikes

Posted on 10-27-2009

Lightning is one of the most common weather occurrences and can happen just about anywhere, but most commonly in moist warm climates. Lightning strikes every day of the year in…
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Top 10 Benefits Of Total Energy Concepts’ Energy Optimization System

Posted on 10-10-2009

Top 10 reasons why businesses choose the Total Energy Optimization System from Total Energy Concepts 1.  15% savings in energy consumption. You save a minimum of 15% on electrical usage, guaranteed…
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A Look Into Power Factor Correction

Posted on 09-20-2009

What is Power Factor? Power Factor is the measurement of how efficient your facility is using the power that is being supplied by the utility company. When looking at an…
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Start Saving On Energy Costs And Usage Today To Prepare For The Future

Posted on 09-06-2009

Have you ever wondered, can I save money on my electric bill or how can I help the environment? Well, you can and here is how. With an energy management…
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