The Process

Getting started with Total Energy Concepts (TEC) is easy!

STEP 1   Initial Meeting


It is important to sit down and explain what it is that TEC does to see if your facility qualifies.  If it does, we will show you how we can save you money.  We will also request the last 24-months of Utility Bills so we can build a baseline of your past electrical usage as well as inquire about any significant changes that have been made to the facility in the past 24-months.

STEP 2   Facility Survey


If your facility has been determined to be a candidate for a TEC System, we will conduct a full facility survey to gather all the required information to put together a proposal.  This is done at no cost to you, with the simple understanding that if we can bring back a proposal that makes sense, the project has a good chance of potentially moving forward.  Details about this will have already been discussed in STEP 1.

STEP 3   Proposal Presentation


If the numbers makes sense, we will bring back a proposal that will be crystal clear as to what we can save you as well as the total cost of the project.  In most cases, the payback periods are between 22 and 32 months.  Any utility rebates or tax incentives will also be clearly identified in the proposal.

STEP 4   Project Engineering


Should the project move forward, before we order any product we will send in the Engineering team to verify counts and gather all the required information to complete the Engineering step.  Some of our products, specifically in regards to Power Factor Correction are made to order so we need to gather data with our electrical meters to ensure the proper unit(s) will be built.  After the Engineering step is completed, all product is then ordered.



The Installation step is a carefully scheduled event as the goal is to not affect the operation of the facility.  Once we see that the majority of the product is onsite, we will schedule the installation to start.  Prior to installation, we go through the installation procedure with the appointed facility representatives and work around the facility schedule to avoid any disruptions.  The Installation Team, which can either be our own in-house installers or a chosen local contractor who we will train and support, will have sign off sheets for every product measure being installed to ensure that when the installation is complete, all products will have been installed 100% correctly.  All product warranties will be registered and confirmed along with any applicable utility rebates will be finalized and submitted.

STEP 6   Measurement and VERIFICATION


If we installed a full system with an Energy Saving Guarantee, we will then be tracking the savings performance every three billing cycles to ensure the energy savings is being realized.  We have a program that takes the 24-months of electrical history we gathered in STEP 1 and builds a baseline for each month, of which we can then compare the current usage post install with the same billing month history.  A report will then be generated and sent showing the energy savings month by month, also accounting for all variables that might affect energy usage such as production, added equipment, outside weather, etc.

STEP 6   Fulfillment


We at TEC strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction.  We want to make sure each and every customer is satisfied with every aspect of what we have provided and will go above and beyond to ensure that any issues are taken care of promptly.  It is our goal to under-promise and over-deliver as if you treat your customers well, growth and prosperity is inevitable.

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