Aggregate & Mining

Total Energy Concepts (TEC) in conjunction with V-Blox has developed a Generator Optimization System (GOS) that will reduce the amount of fuel necessary to operate your generator plant without changing any of the current operation.  In fact, you will actually GAIN system capacity to the point where you can actually load the generator up to 125% of max load without any problems.  How is this done?

Generators produce KVA, which is a combination of Working Power (KW) and Reactive Power (KVAR).  Both of these components determine the actual load on the generator, of which the generator governor will then increase or decrease the throttle to keep the generator operating at a certain speed.  If you increase the Power Factor of the electrical system to 100%, the KVA is then reduced which will result in a LESSER load condition, when in fact, the actual load condition has not changed….which results in LESS fuel needed to perform the same amount of work.

The V-Blox GOS system is an Automatic Tuning Power Factor Correction Unit designed specifically for the higher harmonic generator environments.  It consistently monitors the electrical system and automatically adjusts the optimization levels based on the electrical load at any given moment.  Reductions in AMPS are usually between 30-50% and reductions in FUEL USAGE are usually between 12-20%.  Less fuel consumption also means less CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere, so reducing the carbon footprint is also a major benefit.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to the GOS system is the ability of smaller gensets being able to run larger spreads.  As mentioned before, a genset with a GOS unit installed can be safely loaded up to 125% of max operating load.  This allows say a 545 KW genset to operate a 725 KW spread, or a 910 KW genset to operate a 1250 KW spread.  If you are buying a new generator, there is an immediate cost saving by being able to buy a smaller genset package.  Even with the cost of the GOS system added, the total cost is still much lower than the cost of a larger genset unit.

See our TEC GOS Cut Sheet for more information.



Is your aggregate or mining equipment fed with utility power?  No problem, we have developed an Auto Tune PFC System, similar to the GOS System without the High Harmonic components that offers Energy Savings for utility fed equipment spreads.  It offers similar capacity gains, as well as energy savings in the 8-12% range, depending on the existing condition of the electrical system.

See our TEC Auto Tune PFC Cut Sheet for more information.