The SECOND biggest expense for Schools behind salaries is Energy Costs. Heating, Cooling, and Lighting contribute to about 70% of a School’s energy usage, followed by about 20% being used by Office Equipment and Computers. In total, School Districts across the US spend over $8 Billion annually in Energy Costs.

It is well known that Schools, public or private, are always looking to reduce energy costs. If a School could just save 10% on Energy Costs, that would equate to significant savings to their operational budget and the money saved could be invested in infrastructure updates, equipment upgrades, or even increase staff salaries. The problem becomes the issue of the funding to pay for the project as most Schools are under a very strict budget with almost no dollars available outside of their budget limits.

Total Energy Concepts (TEC) has a program to help Schools become more efficient and save money that requires no additional funding. Our Energy Project Finance Option basically lets the energy savings from the improvements pay for the project. This is NOT a performance contract which then restricts the School to an operating schedule as our program is done through a third party financing company that specializes in providing funding options for Schools to increase efficiency and reduce expenses for $0 money down. This is a breakthrough option for Schools and in some cases, there are left over dollars in the operational account after the energy costs and project costs are paid which leads to a budget surplus.

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Whether it’s looking to reduce expenses through Energy Savings on Municipal Buildings, or simple procurement options for Lighting, Total Energy Concepts (TEC) can help Municipalities save money! Like Schools, we have an Energy Project Finance Option that is specifically designed for Municipalities which allows the Municipality to become more energy efficient and save money without having to go through a budget process and allocate additional funding to pay for the project. Municipal owned Ice Arenas are a common facility type where a TEC System could offer significant energy savings opportunities.

TEC can also provide Lighting Equipment through our TEC Direct program which offers High Quality Lighting Equipment at a 10-30% discount. We have negotiated contracts to buy direct through most major equipment suppliers, which allows for a reduced end user price resulting in lower procurement costs. Whether it’s Fluorescent Lamps, LED Street Lighting, or a plan to start reducing energy costs in Municipal Facilities…..TEC can help you save! Even if a previous lighting project has been completed, and this goes for all facilities, there are still significant measures that could yield measurable savings. Contact Us to find out more about energy saving possibilities!


Whether at the State level or the Federal level, Total Energy Concepts (TEC) can help develop a plan to save money! Government facilities are usually the last to get any attention as most projects have to go through the government contract procedure, which takes entirely too much time and energy to process, so the opportunities are never given much attention…..until now! Whether something simple like supplying lighting equipment, or something more complex such as putting together an energy savings package for a facility or facilities, TEC is able to offer both through our government programs. Contact Us to find out about how TEC can help government facilities, State or Federal, start saving money today!