Energy Advisor

Along with helping businesses save energy, TEC also offers a full Energy Advisory Service that consists of many things from simple energy advice to complex energy studies.  The simple tasks might range from running calculations about adding equipment to an existing service, calculate the impact to the electric bill by adding equipment, act as a consultant with advice to other energy projects being considered, and even things as simple as questions about lighting.  The more complex tasks might range from completing a full Power Quality Study with our Power Quality Monitoring equipment, sizing out a new electrical service being proposed, calculating the size of a Generator to run a remote aggregate location, designing a startup sequence for larger motors to reduce Demand charges with time delay relays, or re-programming soft start procedures to ensure the parameters are correct for the most efficient motor starts.

Are you in a state where the utility company is deregulated?  No problem, TEC can assist with finding you the best utility provider to ensure you are getting the best rates.  TEC has formed strategic alliances with certain Energy Brokers in deregulated states where you might qualify for a rate reduction based on saving energy with a TEC Energy Optimization System.

Think you might be wasting money with your current Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC)?  No problem, TEC can do a HVAC Study to ensure that you are not wasting money by ventilating already conditioned air back outside, which is a direct waste of energy.  See our DEMAND CONTROLLED VENTILATION (DCV) Section.

Looking to upgrade your traditional thermostats to a fully, wireless based monitoring and control system?  Over 20% of energy losses with HVAC systems can be attributed to improper thermostat settings.  See our COOLPRO EM CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Section.

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