Energy Project Financing

In today’s complex world, there are basically TWO ways to improve the bottom line – INCREASE SALES or DECREASE EXPENSES. In looking at these two options, it is much easier to decrease expenses versus having to increase company infrastructure to support an increase in sales. Not only that, but when you save a dollar on the expense side, that is one dollar that stays on the bottom line. In order to get that same dollar through increases sales, you would have to sell roughly $33 to get the same dollar back on the bottom line assuming a 3% Net Margin.

I think we both agree that decreasing expenses is the best option and that is where Total Energy Concepts (TEC) can help! If you have looked through our website, you have seen what we can do and how we can do it. The only BIG question that remains is, “How much does it cost?”

We really can’t answer that question because we don’t know what your facility consists of or how much you spend on energy costs. What we can tell you is most projects end up between a 22 and 32 month payback, with some shorter and some longer. Typically the Schools, Municipalities, and Government facilities have the longer paybacks as they are ineligible for any tax incentives. That being said, there are TWO options to pay for a TEC System – CASH and ENERGY PROJECT FINANCING. Not all businesses or entities are in a position to outlay capital dollars, or maybe the capital budget has been used up for the year. No problem…..let the energy savings pay for the project! In some cases, the operational budget will actually show a Net Positive Cash Flow because the utility bill and energy project financing payment when totaled together are LESS than what the utility bill should be.

Here is an example of how our Energy Project Financing works:


As you can see from the above example – if you do nothing, it will cost you $168,000 in utility expenses annually. If you install a TEC system, and elect to use the Energy Project Financing option, your bottom line will show a NET POSITIVE CASH FLOW of $36,000 in your utility expense account after the first year and this can be executed with $0 down.

Schools/Municipalities/Government entities….you can qualify for this too as we have special Energy Project Financing options for each type of entity….all with $0 down or what we like to say “No New Money”.

If you have read through The Process you will see that part of the process involves delivering a proposal which outlines the costs, shows the payback, and outlines all utility rebates and tax incentives if applicable. It also outlines the Energy Project Finance options that can be used to get into a TEC System and start saving. Don’t wait, every day that passes equals dollars that are being wasted. You are already paying for a TEC System every month, it’s time to get your bottom line back!