How To Protect Your Electrical Equipment From Lightning Strikes

Lightning is one of the most common weather occurrences and can happen just about anywhere, but most commonly in moist warm climates. Lightning strikes every day of the year in the United States and is most prevalent in Tampa Bay, which is known as the “Lightning Capital”. Just in the U.S alone there is an average 20,000,000 lightning strikes that touch down per year.

The most important thing is to be prepared because when lightning strikes a transient voltage surge is produced, which can severely damage any equipment. Utilizing a surge protection system you protect your electrical equipment from lightning damage which decreases maintenance costs and downtime.

Surges, sags, and spikes (Momentary Voltage Impulses) are invisible problems because the damage they inflict may not destroy equipment immediately. These short duration impulses are common to all electrical systems and silently degrade solid state components and all electrical equipment, which leads to premature device failure.

A surge protection system is applied at every circuit breaker panel and places where two or more pieces of electrical equipment are getting power so all of your electrical equipment will be protected from any electrical disturbances. This application also protects all your electrical equipment from all transient voltage activity no matter where it originates.

With a surge protection system you can be confident that your electrical equipment will be safe from harm. In addition you receive a number of other benefits including less equipment downtime, fewer maintenance costs and you will be helping the environment “Go Green”. When equipment is damaged and not performing optimally you use more energy, with surge protection you reduce energy usage. You also cut done equipment waste because you’re not replacing your equipment as often and contributing to land fills.

Help the environment while surge protection increases your bottom line. Contact Total Energy Concepts for a free energy assessment.