Start Saving On Energy Costs And Usage Today To Prepare For The Future

Have you ever wondered, can I save money on my electric bill or how can I help the environment? Well, you can and here is how. With an energy management system you can save at least 15% on your electric bill. Additionally the system reduces energy usage which helps the environment. Best of all the energy management system pays for itself through the energy savings you receive.

Recently reported in their weekly newsletter their forecasts for Energy Rate Increases over the next 20 years. “New regs will add 20% or so to electricity rates by 2020…and that’s over and above any increases anticipated from changes in supply and demand. All told, the average cost for residential, commercial and industrial users may be 50% higher than today…more in areas such as the Midwest and Southeast, where coal fired power dominates. There…a 100% hike.”

Kipplinger continues to report that “new and renovated buildings will have to meet higher standards for energy efficiency…using 50% less energy required for new construction today. New rules should kick in by 2014 for residences, by 2015 for other types of buildings.”

Total Energy Concepts has been helping businesses of all sizes reduce their energy usage and electric bill round the country. Businesses include hotels, restaurants, industrial and manufacturing, gas stations and retail stores. These businesses also see a decrease in equipment maintenance and downtime while increasing their bottom line.

Energy savings are available to you in many forms so why not start now. Reduce your current energy usage by 15% with Total Energy Concepts Energy Management System. Contact us today for more information on how you too can save money on your electric bill by Going Green.