Top 10 Benefits Of Total Energy Concepts’ Energy Optimization System

Top 10 reasons why businesses choose the Total Energy Optimization System from Total Energy Concepts

1.  15% savings in energy consumption. You save a minimum of 15% on electrical usage, guaranteed in writing.

2.  No new money required. In most cases, installation does not require new money; you simply redirect money you’re already spending.

3.  Quick return-on-investment. 1st year R.O.I.s range from 41% to 92%.

4.  15-year warranty. The total energy optimization system comes with a 15-year warranty and requires no maintenance.

5.  100% customer satisfaction, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied after 36 months, you’ll receive a full refund (less any realized energy savings).

6.  40% reduction in electrical maintenance and downtime. The Total Energy Optimization System decreases electrical maintenance, repair and downtime on contactors, reactors, lights, ballasts, motors & compressors by up to 40% annually.

7.  Increased efficiency. The Total Energy Optimization Power Factor Correction Unit increases the efficiency of motors from a normal 70-80% to 95-99%.

8.  Tax savings. Normally, a very significant tax deduction can be taken the year that the system is installed.

9.  Umbrella of protection. The system protects against utility company surges, internal surges and lightning strikes.

10.  Go green. Supports your efforts to become more green and more environmentally friendly.

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