TEC Presents Green Certifications To Three Automotive Dealerships

Phoenix, AZ – Berge Mazda optimized their air conditioners as well as capitalized on TEC lighting solutions that vastly improving the showroom floor. Lighting updates were also made in all department and office spaces. Berge Mazda was able to realize energy savings of over 20 percent and reduced their maintenance expenses; dramatically slowing the need for future lamp replacement.


Another Berge facility, Berge Volkswagen, also achieved green certification demonstrating 20 percent energy reduction following lighting improvements throughout the dealership located in Gilbert, AZ.


Fiesta Lincoln, located in Mesa, AZ, installed a full Energy Optimization System from TEC and is seeing over 20 percent reduction in its electrical energy consumption.


The projects were all completed under the guidance of  TEC’s Lower Western Region’s Director, Mark Collette. Mark can be reached by calling 602-430-2854 or e-mailing mcollette*AT*totalenergyconcepts.com.

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