TEC Contributes To Sharing And Caring Hands For Fifth Consecutive Year

TEC Regional Sales Director, Rob Hans, recently presented a check for $1,868.00 to Mary Jo Copeland of Sharing and Caring Hands. This contribution will be utilized for the Mary My Hope Children and Teen Center. The Teen Center is open each afternoon and into the evening for the children of Mary’s Place. The center offers a variety of activities and a supervised, structured place to relax—and a safe respite from the world outside.


We are set up to be a safety net organization to help with whatever needs are not being met. This includes but is not limited to providing meals, clothing, showers, shelter, transportation help, rent deposits, rent help, medical assistance, dental care, furniture, school expenses, funeral assistance, and other miscellaneous needs.

Sharing and Caring Hands describes itself as a safety net organization, to help with “whatever needs are not being met.” Along with clothing, showers, shelter, transportation and other assistance, Sharing and Caring Hands and its founder, Mary Jo Copeland serve over 700 meals each day.

“It was our honor to present Sharing and Caring Hands with a check again this year,” shared Doug Overvold, President of TEC. “This is our fifth year of making a difference to Mary Jo Copeland and her amazing team.”

TEC reserves a portion of the sale of every unit sold throughout the year and contributes the dollars accumulated to charities in each region.