Even Better TEC And V-Blox Product And Service Guarantees!

100% Money-Back Guarantee is a great place to start, but Total Energy Concepts (TEC) just upgraded all of its V-Blox product warranties and guarantees to make them even better.


36 Month (Money Back) Satisfaction Guarantee

“This 36 Month Money Back Guarantee is issued by the V-Blox Corporation and guarantees the original purchaser a full refund of the original purchase price of the system, less any realized energy consumption savings, if the original purchaser is not satisfied with the performance of the system.”

VCU Connected Equipment Guarantee
“V-Blox will repair or replace…any downstream consumer equipment, which is damaged by a Transient Voltage Surge/Spike, or a Lightning Strike, while protected by a V-Blox Voltage Conditioning Unit (VCU), or Units, that is/are properly connected to an Electrical Panel, Main Distribution Panel, Control Panel, or any AC power line with a protective ground.”

Individual Product Warranties

Great warranties on each of these individual products:

  • Voltage Conditioning 
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Load Sentry and Auto Tune PFC 
  • CoolPro Units
  • and even TEC labor!