Total Energy Concepts Adds Endocube To Its Energy Solutions

Already the premier provider of energy-saving solutions, Total Energy Concepts (TEC) is pleased to announce the addition of Endocube to its line-up. Endocube is a simple, low-cost solution that significantly reduces the power consumption of commercial refrigeration, saving you money both now and in the future.

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Endocube is a simple device that fits over the thermostat probe on a refrigerator or freezer. It works by providing the thermostat with the temperature of the products in refrigeration, rather than the fluctuating air temperature. This revolutionary solution means the compressor runs more efficiently as it only responds to the more stable reading of the food temperature.

When you consider more than half of the electricity in a grocery store is used to run fridges and freezers, you can imagine the impact these devices will have. The largest energy saving will be realized in the large freezers and the open chill cabinets used in the catering and super-market industries. Because the compressor is cycling less often (up to 80% less), the life of the compressor is extended. Since it is also operating more efficiently less energy is used. Multiple case studies have demonstrated that refrigeration units use between 10% to 30% less energy with Endocube, while maintaining the desired temperature in the unit.

“Endocube provides yet another solution to our customers in their pursuit of efficient, cost-effective energy,” said TEC President Doug Overvold. “We are excited to get this into the hands of any organization, including schools, grocery stores or other food handling facilities that we know would see the dramatic and immediate savings on refrigeration energy and compressor maintenance.”

Still not convinced? Top 10 reasons to choose Endocube:

1. Reduce your refrigeration energy costs by up to 30%.
2. Reduce compressor wear and tear by up to 75%.
3. Reduce product spoilage by maintaining consistent food temperatures.
4. Double the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment.
5. No ongoing maintenance fees.
6. Give your customers great quality and fresher produce.
7. Reduce service and repair cost to your equipment.
8. Increase your bottom line by reducing utility costs.
9. One-day installation with no down time.
10. Retro-fit any type of commercial grade refrigeration.

Endocube is available immediately by contacting your local TEC Energy Specialist.
Read more about it by downloading this fact sheet.

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