Overland Park Dealer Presented With TEC Green Certification

Norman Vialle, owner of Overland Park Jeep Dodge Chrysler and Ron Saf with Total Energy Concepts

Overland Park, KS – Overland Park Jeep Dodge was recently presented TEC Green Certification by Ron Saf, in recognition of its efforts to “Go Green.”

Overland Park Jeep owner  Norman Vialle recently teamed up with Total Energy Concepts to save energy with the installation of Power Protection, Power Factor Correction and CoolPro units. These units protect electrical equipment from lightning strikes, inconsistent power and overall poor efficiency. The net result is optimized voltage and current.

Vialle is doing his part to improve his bottom line and improve our environment. The impact from his carbon footprint will be decreased, which is good for everyone.

Ron Saf of  Total Energy Concepts provided the energy-saving consultation to the dealership and expressed his excited about the new partnership.  “It is a rewarding experience to work with a business that is pro-active in lowering their electrical usage while helping the environment,” said Saf.

For more information on Total Energy Concepts and its solutions in the Kansas City area, contact:

Ron Saf