Total Energy Concepts Awarded NJPA National Contract For Hvac Systems And Services

Posted on 09-18-2011

National Contract #072711-TEC: “HVAC Systems and Services with Related Accessories and Supplies” has been competitively bid and awarded to Total Energy Concepts, LLC. Total Energy Concepts (TEC), is pleased to…
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Energy-Saving Opportunities

Posted on 02-28-2010

As businesses find new ways to streamline operations and trim costs, new equipment is often the last priority.  Yet business owners overlook a significant opportunity for long-term savings when they…
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A Quick Guide To Residential Energy Optimization

Posted on 02-23-2010

Saving energy literally translates into dollars and cents for conscientious homeowners.  Not only can homeowners save money on their electric bills, but they can also qualify for tax breaks for…
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What Is Power Factor Correction?

Posted on 01-25-2010

Power factor correction is an easy way for consumers and business owners to optimize their electricity usage and significantly reduce their electricity bills.  Yet this method of energy conservation is…
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Energy Saving Tips For The Winter

Posted on 01-14-2010

During the winter, heating the home can cause energy expenses to skyrocket.  This winter, however, homeowners can actually save money on energy. The right maintenance and strategies can drastically improve…
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Total Energy Concepts Gives Back To The Communities That Support Them In Their Green Initiatives

Posted on 01-03-2010

Every year many businesses in communities around the country support our Total Energy Concepts Green Initiatives by installing energy optimization and power factor correction units to reduce carbon emissions and…
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Green Safety Tips For Buying Toys This Christmas Season

Posted on 12-21-2009

During this time of year, many of us are buying toys of all kinds for our children. There are hundreds of toys available and the new ones just keep coming….
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Tax Advantages, Bonus Depreciation, And Net Loss Carry Backs For 2009

Posted on 12-02-2009

Effective November 6th, 2009 under the “Worker, Homeowner, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 – WHABBA for short”….all US Businesses of every size can now carry back Net Operating Losses…
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Go Green Certifications To Benefit The Environment And Your Business’s Bottom Line

Posted on 11-30-2009

Everybody these days is focused on “Going Green” and even organizations and government agencies are addressing the need to Go Green to protect our environment. Sure, Going Green means we are saving…
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10 Tips To Make It A Green Thanksgiving By Giving Thanks To Our Environment

Posted on 11-23-2009

During this time of year we gather with friends and family to give thanks for what we have. I can picture my family now, standing around the table, holding hands…
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