Go Green Certifications To Benefit The Environment And Your Business’s Bottom Line

Everybody these days is focused on “Going Green” and even organizations and government agencies are addressing the need to Go Green to protect our environment. Sure, Going Green means we are saving our environment, but another major benefit is to the business owners as by Going Green they are drastically reducing their energy expenses meaning they are improving their bottom line, and these days…improving your bottom line ensures your future.

Because of this Green Building regulations have been put in place to achieve these Green Standards. TEC/V-Blox has instituted a “Certified Green Program” which recognizes your facility as taking steps to “Go Green” and save energy. Other Green Certifications include the LEED, the ASHRAE Standard 189 and the ICC-700. These certifications can be very difficult and expensive to achieve.

The benefits of the TEC/V-Blox “Certified Green Program” are saving our environment and as a business owner you will benefit from reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance and downtime expenses, increased equipment life, and ultimately, you save money.  It’s a WIN-WIN situation as there are a multitude of benefits including regional recognition for your facility.

Go Green Today with TEC/V-BLOX and join the thousands of other businesses that have already been certified and are enjoying the benefits………Ask an Energy Specialist how you can qualify!