10 Tips To Make It A Green Thanksgiving By Giving Thanks To Our Environment

During this time of year we gather with friends and family to give thanks for what we have. I can picture my family now, standing around the table, holding hands and giving thanks for our family, friends, fortune, food, and safe travels. But I can’t picture someone saying I’m thankful for our environment. But why not? Our environment is how we survive, the healthier the environment, the healthier we are.

This year let’s give thanks to the one thing that has given us so much and keeps on giving, our environment. We get everything from the environment; food, water, air, and materials to live. Without it, we would not exist. So this Thanksgiving I want to take it one step further and come up with some ways I could show the environment how thankful I am. So here is a short list of ways to give back to the environment and help protect it for the future. I’ll be giving thanks, will you?

10 Ways to Give Thanks to the Environment by Going Green:

1. Help a little just by picking up any trash on the ground while walking by

2. Car pool to holidays parties and get-togethers

3. Use leftovers in soups or sandwiches instead of throwing them out

4. Be sure to recycle bottles, glass, and aluminum

5. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins to cut down on trash

6. Use candlelight and fewer electrical lights when possible to reduce energy costs

7. Do not over fill your refrigerator as it will use more energy to keep it the right temperature, instead put drink and other items in a cooler to make room for larger items in the refrigerator

8. Use Green cleaning products instead of harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment

9. Be cautious of water usage when preparing food and washing dishes; turn water off when not using or fill the sink with soapy water and reuse when washing dishes

10. Continue to do 1 – 9 all year long

Just a few simple changes can make a world of difference. Do your part to protect the environment.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Stay Green!

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